Ingenix aims to offer the best industrial solutions for our clients’ requirements. Our team of engineers are experts in the development of software and robot solutions, as well as in the management of projects, especially in the automotive sector. Our strengths lie in the following fields:

Automotive software development

Software solutions

Our company is highly specialized in DCP Standard, from Ford to Jaguar, in all versions (DCP8, DCP10 and DCP16). We are experts in Rockwell Automation (RsLogix), Siemens, Omron and Serra, as well as in safety systems (GuardLogix, Pilz and Sick).

We propose the best solutions in system vision with cameras 2D and 3D, using networks (Ethernet, Interbus, Profinet, Profibus, etc) and frequency equipment (SEW, Indramat, Danfos).

Robot solutions

Our programmers, all officially qualified engineers with several completed courses in robotics, have been trained by the company right from the beginning with the best work ethic. As a result, we can ensure economy and efficiency, from start to finish, in every project.

In addition, we optimize the programs in the robots right from the start of every project, minimizing the risk of crashes, cleaning routines, and fluid updated daily reports, where clients can easy follow their project status.

We are experts in a wide variety of robots, especially in KRC4, KRC2, C3G, C5G, ABB and Fanuc. Our engineers have knowledge in a wide range of technologies, such as brushing, cleaning, docking, artificial vision, gripping, sealing, palletizing and welding, as well as spot, mig, nut and stud, to name but a few.

Our clients are doubtless testament to the quality of work that we do and references are always available upon request.

Management Solutions

Management solutions

Ingenix provides day-to-day supervision of engineers and technicians shift members, including prioritization and allocation of workload. Similarly, we work closely with inbound, outbound, and other support teams on a daily basis, in order to ensure direction of labour and planned engineering activities with fully supported operations. Finally, we are proactive in the development of team members, always seeking to provide quality advice, lead and attractive incentives to our team members so as to ensure their full commitment and best performance.

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